Monday, February 21, 2005

More Gates

I swear I wasn't planning on taking and posting more photos of The Gates, but Tom and I went ice skating at Lasker Skating Rink in Central Park on Sunday and ended up doing more exploring. It was nice to see The Gates on a sunny day with a blue sky. I really enjoyed using the light a bit more with the "saffron".

I had never spent any time in Central Park that far north before and Harlem Meer provided a nice reflecting pool for me. My little sister, the photographer, says I am "making love to reflections" right now and she's probably right, since that is what is catching my eye more and more.

Thanks to everyone for their nice feedback. I am really excited that I've found a forum for showing some of my photographs to my friends and family without holding anyone hostage in front of my computer.

1 comment:

KK said...

what do u think the purpose of the gates r??
i saw a show about them and thought they were ssooooo cool but i like to know waht ppl think the purpose of them r