Tuesday, May 31, 2005

St. Louis Cast of Characters

This may be necessary in order to understand who the hell these people are and where they fit.

Tom: My Live-In (Sin) Boyfriend. Very smart and charming. Not afraid to shop for a tiara by himself. Aspiring oenophile. Favorite drink - Jack Daniels.
Katie: "Little" sister. 10 feet tall with huge feet and the attitude to match. Photographer. Extremely jealous of me. Single... Favorite drink - dirty martini.
Sara: Older sister. Wise mother. Always late. Makes good baked beans. Excellent at delegating tasks and networking. If you need a job, she's your (wo)man. Favorite drink - white wine.
Kriss: Best friend (Midwest branch). Recently eloped in Memphis (see Derek below). Former wild woman. Favorite drink - anything fruity and alcoholic.
Derek: Kriss' husband and semi-professional sassbox. Small town guy destined for rock star greatness. Favorite drink - Bud Light.
Dad: My Dad. Retired firefighter, active sh*t disturber. Favorite drink - near beer.
Grace: Three year-old niece (see Sara). Holy terror. Cutie pie. Favorite drink - juice.
Max: One year-old nephew (see Sara). Charmer and cuddler. Favorite drink - formula.
*Mom: Not pictured in this batch. I have no idea why. She can make friends with anyone and thinks I'm really funny. Very smart. Favorite drink - Pepsi from a can with a straw.

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