Saturday, June 25, 2005

Things to Do in New York When You're Broke

I am totally broke and, since I only get paid once a month (you can't imagine...) it is an extra special struggle this month to do things without spending money.

On Thursday, Pauline and I bought cheap Indian street food, a couple of beers and rode the Staten Island Ferry for a few hours. The Ferry is completely and utterly free, has an awesome view, and is some mighty fine people watching.

Despite spraining my arm on my roller skates last night, Tom and I decided to take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and head to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is such a great experience - beautiful view and humbling architecture. Price of admission: $0. Two scoops of delicious ice cream: $5.

Anyway, I'm relatively poor right now but New York can make you forget about that sometimes if you know where to look.


Oscar said...

Guess you can say you're lucky, Meg. NY is such a beautiful place to live in. I love your last set of photos, and particularly enjoyed the one with the ESB framed by the bridge.
On another matter, thank you for your comments on my blog. The sunset picture is also one of my favorites, although I inadvertently shot it in such a small resolution.

Oscar said...

Meghan, as an active member of your so called "non-existent audience", I believe it is my duty to remind you that we're all still waiting for your advertised "All Nude Week" (and that is only partly tongue-in-cheek!)
Hey, when you're out of poverty again remember that you've got another friend in good old C.R. and you'll be a very welcome guest.

Anonymous said...

Eileen, good shots! Glad you're good ole' Irish Catholic background is coming in handy. Will send $5 to support my younger sister soon. Love, Sara

Oscar said...

I may have, inadvertently, been out of line with my previous comment. It was meant ENTIRELY in jest (all but the part about you having a true friend in C.R.. Being a Catholic myself, I wouldn't want you to stray out of the right path.